Tailor-made furniture

At Laskasas, we are proud to present a synergy between our DNA and our client´s vision in all projects that we embrace. Our goal: to merge our knowledge, acquired over the years, with the endless imagination of our clients.

We are, and will be, decoration enthusiastics, one that speaks on its own! The professionalism of a highly specialized team delivers the best end result.
That is why Laskasas has a “tailor made” service. Our motto is “you idealize, we create” because it is true.

With a unique team, provided with the best machinery, you can customize or create any type of product. Lose yourself in the choice of materials, colors and patterns.
The policy of Laskasas, is that each client is seen individually and, therefore, our service adapts to the finess, delicacy or radicalness of each client. Let your state of mind shape the design you want…Laskasas can be a dream factory: combining knowledge and image with your own definition of comfort.

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Bottom line, Laskasas Tailor-Made service is by you and for you. You can either costumize our standard pieces by changing dimensionsfinishescolorsfabrics, add some special details to our pieces or you can give us your own design and we will do our best to produce it. At our facilities we control the woodwork, metalwork, upholstery and the finishings, so feel free to give to ask us what you want, don´t be shy, be creative!

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