We collaborate with the interior designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo for a decoration project that we are proud of.

Most recently, Laskasas team in partnership with interior designer Mafalda Soares engaged in a decoration project dedicated to magic. Located in Sintra, we almost venture to say that this house has passed through the dreams of some of us.

Our team tried to use elements that enhance the surrounding space. We try to define decorative elements capable of recreating a historical environment dedicated to fantasy and dreams.

Taking advantage of the house’s surroundings has led to an even better result. Working the fascinating garden, it allowed us to expand even more the horizons that we had for this decoration project.

In addition, even the smallest details can raise the decorating status of the house. The functional but elegant aspects of the bathroom, coupled with the natural luminosity, make this a luxurious division.

The light wood tones of the kitchen, combined with the sturdiness and refinement of the marble, give it an unpretentious sophistication.

In fact, nothing more than a space that, by itself, is already located in one of the most historical and romantic cities of Portugal. Following this, Laskasas only sought to maintain the perfect harmony between the spirit of adventure, refinement, sophistication, lightness, and elegance.