One more decorated life, one more interior design project with Laskasas signature.

We do not hide our enthusiasm when it comes to designing a home. The trust given in the invitation to enter the most intimate and personal altar, makes us believe that what we do, we do well.

The latest life Laskasas has set out to decorate is located in S.Mamede Infesta – a family home that has been dressed in comfort and refinement while giving us the key to its decoration.

We know that an illuminated house is the key to any environments soaked in comfort, convenience, and well-being. Therefore, we bet on the white base upholstery: sofa, partitions, and curtains. We add colors and mustard prints, giving a warm feeling – peremptory when we speak of houses.

We cross contemporary features with the comfort and sophistication of the classic in design pieces, without losing the imperative functionality that is required from furniture. Details that someone misses with the naked eye are not left behind, in a space decorated to the measure of our personality, as all Laskasas projects.

The created environment that could have – very well – comes from one of our catalogs, is a reliable example of our signature elegant lines, sophistication and refinement. The chosen furniture is mainly related to this last name of the signature Laskasas: refinement. Simple and solid, lines and nobility of the materials stand out in a triumphant color play with the other decorative elements.