A spirit of modernity and lightness extends throughout the decoration of this villa, located in the beautiful city of Porto.

The soft and light tones are the basis of the finishes and fabrics present in the living room. An elegant beige sofa with imposing broad arms imposes itself, in front of two mirrored coffee tables.

Under this soft foundation, luxury elements stand out and fill the dining and living rooms with personality. The dining table with gilded stainless steel details and glass top is an example of it, while the seats entirely in beige add sobriety to the space.

As a storage space in this division, two Cannes furniture pieces, in a special version dedicated to Japanese culture, highlight the decor. The wrinkled surface of these pieces are symbolic of the care given by Laskasas’ production team.

Each room in this Laskasas decoration project presents a set of pieces that suit both the client’s wishes and what best represents each person who will enjoy them.

In the master bedroom, the highlight is undoubtedly the imposing bed that occupies the whole width of the room, further enriched by the mirrors that are surmounted.

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