On the north side of the Tejo Estuary, Vila Galé Palácio dos Arcos is the charming hotel of choice for many locals. Set in the historic Palácio dos Arcos, home of may Portuguese royalty families over the centuries, this is the first 5 star unit of the hotel group.

It’s with great pleasure and pride that Laskasas is part of the decoration of a space so exclusive and full of history.

The sober tones and classic designs dominate the décor of this hotel unit, blending the modern comfort of the upholstered pieces with vintage notes on the woodwork.

On the console, a marble and polished brass table lamp with golden finish lock this environment to perfection.

The respect of space’s centuries-old heritage is perfectly matched with the beauty of the tones and with some more contemporary details, like the straight lines of the decorations of each room.

An enthralling, luxurious place with the Laskasas brand of elegance.