Of all the spaces that we normally decorate, the home design projects have a special touch. The confidence entrusted to us in the invitation to enter the most intimate personal altar, swipe us from our feet.

Located in the nice village of Lavra, this house had to be inspired by the smell of the sea. You can feel the presence of the imperial Atlantic ocean, in a place blessed by the proximity of the beach.

The sand tones form the basis of the house’s color palette. Shades of blue paint the notes of color on armchairs, paintings or pillows. The intensity and power of the sea come to the shore and creates in the apartment a spirit of sophistication by the sea.

There is a perfect harmony between Nature and the contemporary features in the varnished woods of furniture. In tune, the low lighting gives the sophistication signature of Laskasas and refinement. Welcoming the theme of the wonderful beach, there is an attempt in this decoration to create a graceful environment, not ignoring the coastal location of the space.

All Laskasas teamwork is always done with the accompaniment of those who choose us. In the first instance, it conjectures the final result through the 3D project that is presented to it. Once approved, our commitment is for the 3D to transform into reality.

In other words, we move on to the final moment where, once again, we strive to have an interior design project that is a lifetime project.

This is the confidence you can have in Laskasas. Our mission of “decorating life” and your wishes will be the guidelines of our inspiration. Inspire yourself in this decoration project, and visit us so that together we make your dream come true.