Laskasas Design Project in partnership with interior designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo

A decoration project in an area like Estoril is always a challenge. It is also an opportunity to free our inspiration.

The shades of silver and grey were chosen especially for this project. The elegance they transmit is visible and fully complies with the exquisite DNA of Laskasas. Presente is also the good taste of Interior Designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo.

The quality of the materials impresses, and the good taste is also visible. Collaboration with anyone who wants to decorate life with us is essential to Laskasas, and it is also one of our strengths.

The sobriety of the grey is contrasted with the tranquility and lightness of the white and wooden tones. The white involves the room, making it a relaxing and welcoming place. Wooden shades are worn by doors and skirting boards. Together they combine for a sophisticated environment when it should be, and cozy when it has to be.

The refinement is, however, the heart of this decor project. A bed with a high headboard along with mirrored bedside tables, create an almost imperial atmosphere. Thanks to the brown headboard, which occupies almost the entire wall, the decoration doesn’t become that stern.

The comfort is a point based on the definition of the room, with the presence of the upholstered armchair in grey. With white accents and a footrest that can be used as an extra seat, this master bedroom is worthy of that name.

A villa with lines for life. Enjoy the trip to a world where luxury and beauty prevail. A place where the mastery of conjugations maximizes the definition of house.