More than spaces, we decorate lives! See more of this Laskasas interior design project!

A house is everything and this decoration project fulfills this motto. It’s a reflection of what we are and a collection of what we worship.

The colors, the materials and even the disposition of the functional and decorative elements show the personality of those who live there. In the background, we are the bridge that connects the customer to their home and we have the job to translate people’s dreams into decoration.

It excites us, makes us feel part of very real dreams.

The Villa

The last dream we played was a villa in Vila do Conde. Located on the north coast of Portugal, land of one of the great creators of modern Portuguese literature, José Régio.

In the living room, a sober classic look was privileged, ennobled by the richness of the textures and some elements. Some decorative details takes you back to the nature, in a contrast of absolute symbiosis with the varnished woods and the glitter of the metals lacquered to gold tones.

We left the daring notes for the bedroom, with warm color details and the dominance of the sand tones.

The generous length of space was tapped to be divided into two parts; the sleeping-bed area, a reading and dressing area, with a modern-day dresser incorporated into a visual element that can never be missing, the mirror. The toilet is, in fact, an extraordinary example of what the client’s personality can reflect, using up to a small space, and which, in addition to meeting the client’s needs, is an extension of his personality

Textiles – whether in the decorative elements or in the upholstery – in a tasteful color scheme with Laskasas signature, are the key elements that give this house.

This decoration project has a direct passport to our project portfolio. It is a reflection of our dream philosophy.

It is always a pleasure to decorate lives!