It’s in Albarraque, Sintra, that this décor project with Laskasas signature is born, in partnership with the interior designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo.

Golden is what pops out in this decoration. Refinement and luxury have been the focus of this interior design. The combination with black is the classic match of most luxurious spaces, here brought to life with the originality and innovation that Laskasas advocates.

Classical is also the dining table, round and with crafted shapes, which enhance the spirit and sense of exclusivity of the decor project.

The contrast between innovation and classicism becomes clear as we move through the space. The black and gold ornaments that rest on the mirrored glass coffee table are proof of it.

The golden stainless steel side table, which flanks the upholstered sofa, serves as support for another luxurious, textured and golden ornament that adds personality and brightness to the living room.

Passion, sophistication and refinement. Refinement in the choice of furniture that gives life to the decoration. Sophistication in the choice of elegant colors. Passion for the comfort that we provide with the certainty that everything we do is for you and for you only.