A Laskasas partnership with Interior Designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo.

Located in the center of Lisbon life, this apartment incorporates the cosmopolitan spirit, contrasting at the same time with the same.

With the right amount of sobriety and warm colors, it’s a perfect balance between what the customer expects and a result that makes us proud.

Natural wood patterns

The shades of wood scattered throughout the house are light, adding brightness and full of life, darkened by their natural patterns.

Symbiosis between orange and gold

Orange and gold notes color an apartment essentially dominated by neutral, white and gray tones, and natural wood.

A project that fills us with pride

A collaborative work with the interior designer Mafalda Soares with the Laskasas decorators team, which guarantees us a more decorated life and a sense of accomplishment.