A project with Laskasas’ signature

We are always very proud when we are entrusted with the interior design of a house, as in this decoration project. Decorating a space as intimate as our safe place – our home – to the extent of the personality of those who live there, is a great challenge for us.

Our commitment is always to make our signature appear on our projects. After all, it defines the matter of which we are made. The last decoration project that was delivered to us is located in Francelos, VN Gaia. This decor project is based on a villa praised by light.

Gray shades as a basis for the sun’s brightness

In this design project, we bet in neutral tones, in a mixture of gray tones letting the sun, when entering, gain the deserved protagonism. The spectrum of the gray tones is snatched away by notes of color and contemporary art features. Combined with details that get the bright yellow and the heat of the bronze, you get a stunning décor.

There is also an interior garden, in a perfect intersection between the modernity of the environment and green chunks of nature. With Mother Nature entering through the window, it extends through the plants that drink from the radiant light of the Sun.

The decorations prolongs the luminosity

The picture of prominent dimensions that we’ve see in the photographs, gives the modern and sophisticated air to the room as well as the appointment of color that, when the sun goes down and no longer radiates light into the interior, the warm environment extends through the umbra.

One of the projects we are most proud of

As everything we do, we put everything from what we are. This is another design project of which we are proud and that has direct entrance to our portfolio: our signature of elegance and refinement on the most noble materials is there, in the whole.

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