Домашний офис Farne

Оформление этого домашнего офиса является доказательством того, насколько изделия Laskasas универсальны. Вы можете выбрать по своему вкусу материалы, ткани и цвета для любого из изделий.


The wooden desk is presented here with a drawer block that intersects at a right angle to the top. This structure allows easier and private access to files and other work documents. Thanks to the elegance of the smoked eucalyptus finish, it’s the perfect combination of elegance and usefulness.

Low Storage Unit

Next to the wall, a low piece of furniture sits discreetly by the wooden wall. Ideal for storing essential books, but only occasionally used, it is an indispensable accessory for any office.

Leather Office Chair

The leather office chair intertwines comfort with the pragmatism that an office requires. Its lumbar support makes it perfect for long nights of work, with sophisticated and comforting texture.

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