In the heart of the Caminha village, within its 16th century walls, one can find this amazing villa. With a beautiful outdoor garden and an interior that is nowhere behind, it was a challenge to live up to the space.

A wide interior with large windows that allows natural light to paint, warm and illuminate the living room. The essentially neutral tones, mainly gray and white, and the straight lines of most of the pieces give a sober and modern air to this space, contrasted by some touches of color in the decorative accessories.

The theme of large windows and sober colors is kept in the dining room, with the gray-green table top and the chairs in gray upholstery and black lacquered legs. A personal touch of luxury is added by the silver accessories that overlap the table.

Moving on to the most personal and intimate area of the house, the bedrooms bring more color to the house. A wraparound blue wall supports a modern design lamp with a warm light bulb, giving the warm aura that awakens the sense of belonging and relaxation.

Walking through other bedrooms, the spirits vary a little. Large windows, with elegant curtains to impute the reserved nature that a room deserves. With younger colors, this room has warm color appointments in the lamps and natural simplicity from the bedside tables that flank the high bed.

Finally, a smaller room, more simple and jovial. With beige and white tones dominating the decor, the gold of the bedside table adds refinement to this space. The joviality is painted in this room through the blue baby and patterns of the cushions, taking advantage of the canvas of neutral colors that surround it. To circumvent the smaller dimension, the mirror adds a sense of depth, making the most of space in utility and dimension.