Laskasas Decoration in Vila Galé Braga

Another Laskasas hotel decoration in partnership with the Vila Galé group, this time for the hotel unit in Braga, dressed in the Laskasas elegance.

A palette of earthy colors, based on brown and beige, has been chosen for this project, which accentuates the hospitable, comforting feeling that makes so much difference in a hotel.

Located next to the historical area of Braga, near the imposing Avenida da Liberdade, the decoration lives up to this conjugation between the ancient and contemporary style that represents the city.

Comfort is the keyword and relies on simple, soft designs that add to the comforting aura of space.

Be inspired by Laskasas décor of Vila Galé that enriches the capital of Minho, and discover the soft and contemporary taste of Laskasas interior designers.

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