Another inspiring Laskasas decoration project.

Laskasas team gave life to another interior design project, this time in Odivelas. The combination of elements that inspire sophistication and refinement was the main motto to develop the perfect decoration for this space.

The fusion between the choice of furniture and the colors of the surroundings make for a comfortable and elegant environment. This decoration project was designed to convey serenity in all divisions, valuing the luminosity of their spaces. The shades of calmness and naturalness, convey the tranquility that fits well in the space where relaxation becomes a slogan.

The combination of different decorative elements gives life to the walls of the house. The use of lighter colors extends the spring joy throughout the year. An aura of relaxation is given by access to natural sunlight.

All the details of the decorative elements are thought to play along with the colors of the walls. The customization capability of Laskasas furniture raises the perfection of this interior design project. Every touch of color, every fabric, every detail is thought to accomplish the will of those who trusted us their home.

In this Project we seek, above all, to achieve the perfect union between a serene, welcoming and propitious decoration to the good moments.