This decorating project led us to decorate a home. The comfort of a house that belongs to us is, to this day, an inexplicable feeling.

No matter how big or how small, with a backyard, garden or pool, whether its classic or timeless beauty, it’s ours.

Belongs to us; it is our talent in the long days and our joy in the happy moments. It’s ours, so ours that we like it anyway.

At Laskasas, this sense of belonging heightens the responsibility we carry in each project. It motivates us to create “little pieces of love” for our clients.

In connection with this, today we present you another project, an apartment in Vila Nova de Gaia. It is characterized by the elegance of the notes that glorify a perfect symphony between the palette of selected colors and the refinement of sober lines.

In the living room, you can almost smell the tranquility that comes from the blue of the walls and the armchairs. From the glamorous sofa you can almost hear whispers of wind, and in the background, you can feel the marriage between the combinations of blues and the woodwork.

In the master bedroom, the wallpaper gains a majesties look under the tranquility of a noble bed retouched by a wood, giving the harmony between the junction of elements.

All around the wallpaper and resting on the staircase at the bottom of the bed, the elements of this environment give the ideal temperature for the growth of yet another little dreamer. Once again, it’s with great pleasure that we create a project directly out of the “Laskasas dream factory”.

Once again, we give you assurances that, for you and your comfort, “decorate life” is an idealism intrinsic to our nature and this design of decoration.