Decoration of Apartment Laskasas

This Laskasas decor project is a modern apartment, adjusted to the trends. The choice of neutral tones and some silver details throughout the decoration lends to the pieces a timelessness touch, which increases the longevity of the choices made.

This timelessness begins with the glass table, something that always looks good in any dining room, set on silvery stainless steel feet of contemporary design. Surrounding the table, chairs with a fabric full of gray nuances represents comfort and elegance.

In this first living room, some deeper shades are adopted, with dark gray to be used as a base for blue details, either in the armchair or in the cushions. These small splashes of color help maintain uniformity throughout the décor and add life to the space.

In a second space of conviviality, even by its proximity to the dining room, are adopted the same shades of beige and gray, balanced by the coffee table in the mirror that is the core of this living room.

Through the master bedroom of this enthralling apartment, the tranquility reigns, with beige tones being only punctuated by silvery and some natural details in wood.

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