Located in the heart of Lisbon, this interior design project is designed to take advantage of the space, being a collaboration of Laskasas with the interior designer Mafalda Soares / Imocompletíssimo. The gracefulness of the furniture pieces used show elegance and comfort.

These dining chairs are sophistication in its purest form. Buttons at the front and with the detail of the tacks in their contours, they add a touch of luxury to this dining space.

Full of transparencies, this decor project opens doors to natural light. The coffee table and the glass dining table create breadth. Together, with the mirror frame, they make a cozy space, which grows before our eyes.

The black console adds a luxurious touch to this environment. At the vanishing point, one sees the white of the portals that let in the light.

The neutral wooden stairs with two puffs to which it overlaps, connect the two floors of this apartment. Upstairs, an exquisite room with private bathroom continues to take advantage of the natural light.

White and mirrored cabinets provide a larger dimension to this room, which follows a similar décor matching the rest of the house. It’s an example of a great welcoming space, surprisingly spacious, and open to the beautiful view of Lisbon.

Choosing a home decor involves a risk; however, everything in Laskasas becomes easier.