Decoration Project in partnership with interior designer Mafalda Soares / Imócompletissimo

This interior design project makes this a space capable of providing new sensations for the purpose of decorating life. Subtle in the choices, bold in the set, the decoration of this apartment confers a fusion of colors that lead you to navigate between the softness and the refinement. These are choices that can enhance your life, as it deserves.

Tranquility and luxury in one place

Gilded and black are the classic colors of exclusivity. This design incorporates luxuriance in its sober, neutral and reassuring environments, based on gray, white and light blue. A representation of the good taste of Mafalda Soares’ touch, the interior designer responsible for this project.

Sobriety combined with vividness

This decoration project reveals itself an exquisite space, with sobriety, luxury, and life. Sobriety in gray with white notes of the sofa and carpets, vivacity in the blue of the high chair and luxury in the gold of the tables of support.

Best of all, without ever becoming confused, just a demonstration of quality, elegance, and inspiration from Laskasas.

A project we are proud of

It’s a decor project that fills us with pride and makes us want to see and to see, to inspire ourselves. And, on top of that inspiration, we will innovate in the next project that we hope it’s yours!

A prime example of the Laskasas exclusivity who dresses elegantly the ideas of those who choose to decorate life with us.