Laskasas Says Hello! to Milano Fashion Library

It’s no secret that Milan is the greatest fashion capital when it comes to setting trends in the interior design world. In April, the biggest names in the fashion industry gather around Milan to share and learn the latest trends, from colors to shapes and textures. One of the brands that will be present for the first time is Laskasas, at Milano Fashion Library.

Milano Fashion Library is a publishing consultancy and advertising sales company that operates within the largest fashion library in Europe. During the year, this space is the home of several fashion related events but you can go anytime just to read a Vogue Magazine from 1931!

An alternative and sophisticated way to showcase high-quality products handmade in Portugal to all fashion and design lovers.

From April 18th to the 20th, Laskasas will feature some of its most recognizable pieces at Milano Fashion Library, during Milan Design Week.