Laskasas – Created in Portugal. Created by Portugal

More than a motto, it’s a defining statement of what Laskasas is all about.

Arising from our grassroots origins in the North of Portugal, Laskasas stands on the shoulders of the masters of Portuguese furniture.

The responsibility to live up to and expand the good name of Portuguese furniture keeps the flame alive and pushes us to innovate.

The Portuguese heritage permeates throughout all the elements of Laskasas’ pieces. From the careful upholstery work to the surgical metalwork, having our own production as allowed us to respect our beginnings while using them as pillars to keep Portugal’s reputation for high standards in handmade production.

Laskasas is created by a culture of learning and mastery in the art of doing well. State of the art technology and a selection of top workmanship support a totally customizable selection of products, ranging from mid-century design with a modern twist all the way to contemporary pieces with luxurious details.